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  1. How long does an Island Banca Cruise take?
    We have different packages to suit your needs. If you're traveling on a tight schedule, a 2-hour trip to one of the islands can be arranged. A quick lunch on board or a short snorkeling activity is possible. However, a full day island hopping cruise is highly recommended. There is no better way to enjoy the different islands than to have a lunch picnic on a sandbar and perhaps go kayaking or play some beach volleyball before heading to another island for a snorkeling activity. We will be glad to put together a package tailor-made for your interests, budget and time.

  2. Where do we take the cruise?
    Islands Banca Cruises is based in Punta Engaño, Mactan in between the Shangri-la and the Hilton. We have ample parking even for coasters and buses. A shuttle from the city can also be arranged both for small or larger groups. If you need assistance on your travel arrangements such as your flight and accommodation requirements, we also have tie-ups with partner resorts, hotels and airlines to complete your travel package.

  3. Can we bring drinks on board?
    Taking drinks on board is discouraged since all IBC boats are equipped with a cooler complete with ice cold assorted beverages. Our prices are similar to those in the supermarkets and convenience stores. However, we allow guests to bring food and drinks on board with an additional charge for corkage.

  4. How many people can fit in one boat?
    We have three boat sizes. The largest, the butanding fits up to 35 pax. The Bariles sits up to 20 pax. The Butete, our smallest banca, can sit up to 15 pax comfortably.

  5. How is an Islands Banca different from the ordinary pump boats?
    An Islands Banca is a more streamlined, elegantly styled, and efficient version of the traditional motorized banca. Our boats are furnished with an iPod dock, Wi-Fi internet access, comfy beanbags and sunbathing decks. One of the highlights of our boats which we know has always been taken for granted are decent and clean toilets. Plus, a uniformed and trained crew will always be present to serve your needs. Guests can enjoy and relax to the fullest as each trip is accompanied by a lifeguard to guarantee 100% safety.

  6. What kind of food does IBC offer?
    Full meals can be pre arranged and our offerings can include a simple bbq lunch or an elaborate seafood buffet set on an island. Fresh seafood lunches can also be arranged on a floating restaurant at Cao-uy. For special occasions, such as weddings or dinner dates, food may be catered or requested from some of Cebu's finest restaurants and chefs. Cebu's famous lechon is also one of the popular favorites to cap off a perfect island hopping picnic.

  7. What can kids do during these trips?
    Aside from relaxing on our comfortable bean bags (a favorite among children) during the boat trips, a fish feeding activity or snorkeling in the fish sanctuaries are always a hit. The kids as well as adults are briefed by the crew as to the kinds of fish found on the site. These activities are very safe, highly educational and encourage environmental awareness as well. You can also give your child a celebration to remember as we offer birthday party packages for kids.

  8. Do you handle events such as company outings?
    Yes, we do. We can arrange team building activities, adventure races or even themed parties. We have a team that handles events for multinational corporations as well as beach parties in the island. Our services are not limited to big groups. We can also put together an intimate party with an acoustic band or a candlelit sunset dinner. Simple touches for ambiance such as a violinist can also be arranged.

  9. How much is an Islands Banca trip?
    The price varies as Islands Banca Cruises arranges tailor-made packages to suit guests’ interests, budget and time. Our trip specialists can customize your trip into however you may want it.